How to Fix PS5 X Button Not Working

The PlayStation 5 has now become available in every country and territory. On the other hand, the users need to get the opportunity to gain the maximum benefit for a wide range of reasons. In this article, you will learn how to fix the PS5 X button not working issue.

The Dual Sense controller has some incredible capabilities built into it. However, users have reported that there are some faults with the controller itself. This makes perfect sense due to the fact that the controller is brand new, and most users need to be made aware of the specific workarounds that may be used to resolve these difficulties.

You should first carefully examine the button for any blockages when attempting to push a button on the PS5 controller that is not functioning properly. The next thing to try is to re-add it to the console, update the controller’s version, and, if none of those things is successful, reset the controller to factory settings.

The DualShock 4 controller is currently being used for the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. However, it has received a few cosmetic updates and several new features to adapt to the PlayStation 5. 

Although this problem has not been reported until a few months after the release of the DualSense controller, something about the product is causing it.

Now then, take on your reading glasses in order to get the desired effect.

Reasons Why Your PS5 X Button Has Stopped Working?

The Dual Sense controller in your controller has run out of battery, which is preventing it from functioning properly. Alternatively, the controller is no longer communicating with the PlayStation 5. The gaming controller may become inoperable if the program has a bug.

There is a wide range of potential causes to consider in the event that the PS5 controller you are using is not operating properly. The charging wire is the most common cause of malfunction in electronic devices. The controller cannot be charged because the cable used to do so is faulty. It’s possible that the console’s USB port is broken or otherwise faulty.

Before attempting to find a solution, check to see that your PlayStation 5 controller has a full charge and that it is properly connected to your system. If your PS5 Controller doesn’t turn on, you first need to check to see whether or not the DualSense Controller has sufficient battery life for you to finish this step.

You may check how much battery life is remaining on your controller by going to the Control Center and selecting the Accessories menu option. As soon as you connect the USB cable that runs from your controller to your PS5 system, the charging process for the controller’s battery will begin. When the battery is recharged, the icon representing the battery comes to life.

During the time when the DualSense Controller is being charged, the top LED bar of the controller will begin to flash an orange colour. This will indicate that the gadget is charging while it is in your possession.

There is a good chance that an issue with the internal battery of the PS5 controller will prevent the controller from charging. Examining the charging connection can turn out to be the most straightforward option. In order to test the functionality of the cable with a number of different electronic gadgets, such as your phone or a speaker, you should use these devices. Players often place the blame for a controller’s inability to charge on the controller itself, even when the problem lies with their USB cable.

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The functionality of your console’s USB ports might be investigated. Moving the USB cable to a different port may fix the issue you’re having with the computer. These USB ports are damaged beyond repair and will need replacement by a manufacturer with the appropriate credentials. There is no sanctioned solution available for dealing with this issue.

If you have tried everything and your controller still isn’t connecting, switching to rest Mode isn’t an option. This is the case if you have switched on your PS5 and discovered that the controller’s inputs aren’t being recognized and nothing occurs on the home screen. Instead of pressing the power button on the PS5 just once, try holding it down for a few seconds. As soon as you hear the first beep in this sequence, followed by the second sound, the PS5 will begin the process of completely powering down.

If you let go of the power button before listening to the second beep, your console will go into the rest mode, which might cause more faults than it can fix, so it’s best to wait until you hear the second beep before releasing the button. Take extreme caution if you attempt to do a hard shutdown on a PlayStation 5, as this might potentially cause serious damage.

After waiting a few minutes, you should use the USB wire that comes with your PS5 controller to connect it to the console so that you may start playing games. You should restart the computer by pressing the button that you used to switch it off; however, the time required for the computer to boot up fully will be longer than usual. You should be able to access the home screen of the PS5 and utilize your controller at this point.

How To Fix PS5 X Button Not Working Issue 

The X button on the PlayStation 5 controller plays a crucial role in the game. It functions similarly to the enter button found on a standard keyboard. You can only complete the game by pressing the X button repeatedly. 

You should have your PlayStation 5 controller ready to go in February since there are a lot of titles being released during that month. What I mean is that Horizon: Forbidden West will cause a ruckus in the game industry this weekend. Every first-party game, including Horizon: Forbidden West, has Dual Sense functionality in some form or another.

Now, let’s circle back around to the primary discussion. Fixing a controller for a PS5 is a simple process. If you don’t get lucky, then you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. However, if you haven’t slammed your Game Controller against the wall in frustration after a loss in FIFA or dropped it with great force, this should be fine for you. Hey, I really can’t say that I blame you. Playing FIFA may be really tough at times.

The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken to solve the PS5 X button not working:

1. Clean your Dual Sense Controller

Just think of all of the times you’ve touched your face while doing other things, like playing video games, snacking on a bag of chips, or petting your dog. When you do that and then immediately return to playing video games, you leave some residue on your controller, which might be dirt or oil.

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Grease poses a significant risk to the controller when it comes into contact with the device. If any liquid has been accidentally spilt on your controller, you will find that all of the buttons have become sticky and will no longer function properly. You won’t need to disassemble your controller to make the necessary adjustments. The only thing left to do is clean it.

Keeping your PS5 controller clean is as easy as following these steps:

  • Remove any wires and your controller from the console.
  • Remove any debris from the holes with a toothpick.
  • Use a dry Q-tip or toothbrush to clean the buttons and the device’s casing.
  • Use a clean cloth to dust it off.
  • Applying rubbing alcohol to the buttons will clean them.
  • Clean and dry the controller.

After thoroughly cleaning and drying the controller, you should allow it to charge for some time before connecting it to your PS5. If your controller is functioning normally, there is no need to clean it; nonetheless, you should take care to avoid making the same error again. Follow the steps in the procedure if pressing the X button does not have any effect.

2. Calibrate your Dual Sense battery

Calibration is a process that may be required of your Controller sometimes. When you let the controller run out of battery energy for a while, and then you completely charge it the following time, it usually works just fine. My PlayStation 4 controller, too, had the aforementioned issue. The controller functioned correctly when I had completely charged it.

The following are the actions that need to be taken to calibrate the battery in the PS5 controller:

  • Remove any moisture from the controller battery.
  • Pair the controller with your PS5.
  • Please be patient while the controller finishes charging.

You should completely drain the battery by using it in a continuous manner for a period of time. Either play a game that doesn’t need the X button or remap it, so it behaves differently. After the controller has been switched off, you should connect it to your PlayStation. There will be illumination in the colour yellow. We ask that you please hold your breath until the yellow light goes off. After that, make sure that your controller is turned on. The functionality ought to have been restored by now.

3. Charge Your PS5 Controller

A few different options are available for charging the controller that comes with your PS5. You can use the USB-C cable that came with your device, or you may use any other cable that is acceptable from another device or piece of technology.

On the other hand, we feel obligated to point out that the USB-C connection connecting your controller to the console also serves the purpose of charging the controller.

To continue in the most secure manner, you should first connect the controller to a power socket that is not shared with any other devices and then wait for the device to finish charging for around twenty minutes.

As soon as you do this, you may instantly rule out the chance of inadequate power, and then you can go on to the next step of troubleshooting.

Note: If the charging was successful, the LED lights on your PS5 controller should be lit up. This will let you know that the charge is complete.

4. Update Your PS5 Controller

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) controller, similar to every other hardware, is equipped with software for connecting with the system.

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Fortunately, a method to upgrade the software could resolve the issue in a matter of minutes.

The following is the procedure to follow to upgrade your PS5 controller:

  • Power ON your PS5 system.
  • Connect between the console and the DualSense PS5 controller via the USB-C port.
  • Navigate to the Settings section.
  • Pick the Accessories.
  • Select Controllers, followed by Wireless Controller Device Software from the drop-down menu.
  • The console will begin looking for and installing any newer firmware updates that may be available.

Keep in mind: After the update is complete and ready to install, it is strongly suggested that you restart both the PS5 controller and the console.

5. Reset the controller

We have some suggestions if you still have problems with the controller. You will need to clear the settings on the controller at that point. It’s possible that you’re thinking about how resetting my controller would cure it. If you choose to reset the device, the button mapping will be removed, and the device will be returned to its initial condition as it was when it was first manufactured. If there is a problem with the program, it will be corrected.

Performing a factory reset on the PS5 controller may be done in the following steps:

  • Remove the controller from its connection.
  • Determine where the hole is on the back of the controller.
  • Put a little pin in the hole.
  • Please hold the pin for the next 5 seconds.

After the setup, you should connect your controller. It is expected that your controller will now be operational at this point. Before you open it up, be sure to file a warranty claim if it is still not functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What could be the cause of my PS5 X button not working?

It could be due to a hardware malfunction or software glitch.

How can I fix the PS5 X button not working issue?

You can try restarting the console, cleaning the button, or updating the software. If the issue persists, contact Sony customer support for further assistance.

Will I replace my entire controller if the X button stops working?

It is possible that you will need to replace the controller if the issue cannot be resolved through troubleshooting.

Can I use my controller with a different button mapping if the X button is not working?

Yes, you can use the PS5’s built-in button mapping feature to reassign the functions of the X button to another button on the controller.

Are there any known software updates that address the PS5 X button not working issue?

It is possible that Sony may release software updates that address specific issues like this, so it’s best to keep your console and controller updated.

Is this a common problem among PS5 users?

It is not a common problem, but some users have reported similar issues with the X button on their PS5 controllers.


In conclusion, the PS5 X button not working issue can be caused by a variety of factors, including hardware malfunction or software glitches. Troubleshooting steps such as restarting the console, cleaning the button, and updating the software can potentially resolve the issue. However, we have explained all the possible solutions to that problem. We hope you were able to solve this issue. 

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